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DFGS needs a Co-leader: Empty DFGS needs a Co-leader:

Post  zerosnumber1 on Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:11 pm

So for almost two years now I’ve been the main leader, but as this studio’s progress I’m starting to realize that I need a co-leader. What is the co-leader’s responsibility you may ask? And what are the perks of being a co-leader? Well I’m about to explain to you…
If I am unable to do these things, I expect the co-leader to do them for me
The responsibilities of being a co-leader:
~answering emails, PM’s, etc. if you can
~ updating the different sites if you can (i.e. deleting old MEP posts on Forum, uploading new vids on our channel, updating our website, etc.)
The perks of being a co-leader:
I’ll give you the password/usernames for these things…
~ you get privileges to use:
* YT account
*Twitter account
*forum (higher than you already do)
Does this interest you? If it does please write me a PM telling me why you feel you should be co-leader and how you’ll be able to benefit this group.

Please PM me by 9/22

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