[OLD] August Newsletter

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[OLD] August Newsletter

Post  zerosnumber1 on Fri Aug 15, 2014 4:49 pm

Hello Everyone! Sorry I missed the last few months’ newsletter. I just finished summer classes and am preparing to start fall next week.

I’d like to wish a happy birthday to:

Other News:
I feel that this should be identified again, so please stay true to deadlines/due dates. If you need more time please tell the MEP creator you're reasoning so they may extend the due date. Or if you would like to drop out of a MEP please contact the host and notify them immediately as you feel you’d like to opt out. This is gravely important as I am seeing more of this and please try not to wait till last minute.

In addition, SaskauGirl989 is hosting a let it Go REPs MEP. it's a lip dub as well as using yourself and your rep character in the vid, so please come and join if you haven't already. it's a lot of fun.

here's the link: http://disneyfangirlzstudio.forumotion.com/t316-open-let-it-go-dfgs-reps

Also I am excited to announce that next month is DFGS’s third anniversary so get pumped! ^.^

Completed MEPs:

  • Higher Medley

    I’m Only Human

    Remember the Magic

    Kiss from a Rose

    Hurricane AVATAR

    Mother’s Day

    Fixer Upper

    Breath of Life

    MTCMM V4 {TV Themes}

    Part of Your World {Multi-Language Fan-Dub}

    Mirror Phantom of the Opera [full Scene]

    Gotta Be Somebody

    Beautiful Cinderella

    Happy Father’s Day

    Far Longer than Forever V.1

    Once Upon a Dream

    Show Your Disney Side!

    Meet the Cast Members V. 3

    Let it Go - Non/Disney Guys

There are still MEPS that need to be filled so I made a list of them that are still open from oldest to newest, so if you’d like to join you are more than happy to…

  • Malchik Gay

    Far Longer than Forever V. 2

    Only Hope

    Let it Go Reps

Other than that I can’t think of anything, but if you have anything to add please do.

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