[NEW] December Newsletter 2014

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[NEW] December Newsletter 2014

Post  zerosnumber1 on Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:58 pm

Happy New Year Eve Everyone!

To celebrate a few of the members made this lovely New Year’s MEP to get us in the mood for the New Year Smile

Sorry it’s been a few months since I’ve last had a Newsletter. Before winter vacation I was busy focusing on my studies, and then afterwards I had to rush up on life. Anyways, I thought it was time we had another newsletter, especially to start of 2015.

Talking about what’s new, we have a few new members joining our family, so I’d like you all to make them feel as warm and welcoming as possible. Let’s give warm hugs to:

FantasticalWonder, DustedMorphagus, AngelKitty, and thejoker0123.

Welcome Welcome!

In addition,
I’d like to wish a belated happy birthday to:

jessegoodwin263,✘BeyondYourDreamS✘, xxMintoStarxx, and the1koolkitty!

And the upcoming birthday’s in January I’d like to wish a happy birthday to:

1ooMusiC and sparrow12592

Other News:
Since we have new members I shall address this issue once more, although I feel we have gotten a bit better at it Smile

Please stay true to deadlines/due dates. If you need more time please tell the MEP creator you're reasoning so they may extend the due date. Or if you would like to drop out of a MEP please contact the host and notify them immediately as you feel you’d like to opt out. This is gravely important as I am seeing more of this and please try not to wait till last minute.

In addition, SaskauGirl989 is hosting a let it Go REPs MEP, so maybe a few of our new members would like to join. It's a lip dub as well as using yourself and your rep character in the vid, so please come and join if you haven't already. I feel that this MEP is a lot of fun!

here's the link: http://disneyfangirlzstudio.forumotion.com/t316-open-let-it-go-dfgs-reps

Also I am excited to announce that we have a couple of Valentine’s Day MEPs open right now and they can be found here:


Completed Meps:
Celebration of Life – Robin Williams
That’s the Way it is
The Climb
MTCMM V. 5 (Deleted Songs)
Third Anniversary MEP
Only Hope
Somewhere Only We Know
Malchik Gay
Dark Horse
In the Dark of the Night
Double Trouble
A Dream is a Wish – Happy 100 vids!
Happy 113th birthday Walt Disney
Far Longer Than Forever Volume 2
Alice’s Theme
Eye to Eye
Love is an Open Door
The Future Has Arrived Happy 2015

There are still MEPS that need to be filled so I made a list of them that are still open from oldest to newest, so if you’d like to join you are more than happy to…

Love story (Valentine’s Day: under holiday MEPs)
All I Ask of You (Valentine’s Day: under holiday MEPs)
Under Open MEPS:
For the Dancing and the Dreaming
So She Dances
Don’t Stop
Human ~Movie Musical Tribute
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Top of the World hero(ine) tribute
Let it go reps

Other than that I can’t think of anything, but if you have anything to add please do.

Happy 2015!

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