Fanmade Opening for Princess Tutu :D

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Fanmade Opening for Princess Tutu  :D Empty Fanmade Opening for Princess Tutu :D

Post  RamenVA on Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:57 pm

So... yeah... lol lol!

I made this video about a year and half ago and never posted it (I don't know why...... Forgot I guess lol)

Anyways, it was one of the first videos I made when I got Adobe Premiere and I wanted to share it with you guys flower

I hope you like it! (Especially you Tory ^^)

I plan to make more for other animes, disney movies, and what not (actually in the process of making one for Korra and have an idea for one for Frozen and the second season of Princess Tutu ^^)


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