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Short Hiatus Hopefully Empty Short Hiatus Hopefully

Post  RamenVA on Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:12 am

Hey guys...

Sorry but I may be a bit inactive for a while. My abuela is (as horrible as it sounds) pretty much is on her last moments of life and my family is pretty torn up about it (including myself). I'm gonna try and have my parts done for the MEPs I am a part of, but no promises. I actually wanna drop out of the "Into the Woods" MEP unfortunately because I still don't have as many movies as I did before and idk what people to use for the part I have so... sorry. The others I will try and get them done by when they are due.
My "So She Dances" MEP is finished, it's just taking forever to upload and this is the first time in the past week I am on the computer long enough for it to actually upload so... yeah.
I won't reply to messages as much, but I will try and get the parts that I have done and out of the way. The only MEP I wanna join is the Halloween ones because I know those won't be due for a while and I'll hopefully be in better shape by then.

So sorry for the inconvenience this may bring to any of you.

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Short Hiatus Hopefully Empty Re: Short Hiatus Hopefully

Post  luvsamie on Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:25 am

Your grandma is in my prayers <3 don't worry about anything else love, take as much time as you need

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