Sorry for disappearing...

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Sorry for disappearing... Empty Sorry for disappearing...

Post  RamenVA on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:15 pm

Hey guys!
Long time no type!

Sorry I disappeared like that. A lot of stuff has happened in the past year, so much i can't type it all down.

Anyways, I'm not officially back yet and may not be until the end of November, beginning of December. I'm finishing my last semester of college which is an internship where I'm pretty much a full time teacher. I don't even have much time to read personal books!

Anyways, I'm dropping out of the MEPS I'm currently in unless the due date isn't until December (but i've been gone for a while so I assume I've already been taken out of some)

So... happy to be semi-back lol. Missed you guys Very Happy

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